Wishelin Star

Wishelin star is the special star that is a purple flower-like symbol. Wishelin Star Ratings unlock at XP level 18. These stars will effect Wishelin Venue Profit Bonus to have a chance to earn money, ingredients, prep recipes.

How to earn Wishelin star Edit

Most of playable Restaurant will require player to do something (like Trophies) in order to earn Wishelin star

  • Serve that restaurant's signature dish to a Wishelin inspector
  • Get 70% of the upgrades for that restaurant
  • Obtain a total of 250 stars in episodes at that restaurant (160 stars for Big Bay Burgers)
  • Play 1 arena duel this week at that restaurant
  • Purchase the Wishelin grade Venue Set

(in Chef Arena)

  • Beat Wishelin Inspector in a duel.
  • Reach 70% of Upgrades in that restaurant.
  • Beat Paola Sanchez in a duel.
  • Play Duel chef at this restaurant for 3 times.
  • Purchase the Wishelin grade Venue Set