The Prep Kitchen is a menu in the game where the player can use ingredients to produce a dish that can be served to a VIP guest. Prep Kitchen unlocks at XP level 6. Using a dish will grant the player different abilities that can help complete an episode more easily. Each dish takes different lengths of time to make, may only be used once, and requires different combinations of ingredients. The player may choose up to 3 different prep recipes to use in a single episode. The second and third prep slot can be unlocked for 0 and 25 gold respectively for each restaurant. The player can pre-prep up to four recipes at once. Unlock with 500 coins for 2, 15 gold for 3, and 25 gold for 4.

When the player selects a dish to use in an episode, they will get extra customers who are VIP guests. VIP guests will drop coins, fame points, and sometimes even 1 gold (5% Chance).

Prep Dish Edit

Image Prep Dish's Name VIP's Name Effect Description Drops Fame
Big Laguna Burger Melon Beardsberg Order Flinger Grants the ability to toss food item orders to customers from across the kitchen. 5
Colossal Calzone Mandy Warlowe Fast Feet Grants the ability to move around the kitchen at high speed. 10
Cioppino Ty Banks Frenzy Flare Starts the episode with the "Frenzy Meter" filled (once). 15
Shepherd's Pie Nigel Nelson Carry Four grants the ability to carry 4 food items at the same time (instead of the usual 2). 20
Beef Canapes Sue Auto Chef Gives the player an "AutoChef" for the episode.

Note : This will not have any effect if you've already purchased AutoChef for the restaurant you're playing in.

Acquacotta Stella Famosa Tasting Spoon Grants the ability to season food items instantly and perfectly without the need of the seasoning gauge (which also allows the player to collect extra tips on every order that requires seasoning).

Note : This only affects the seasoning station

Beef Bourguignon Jean Boutique Cheers Every drink that is served will earn 4 times the coins than usual. 24
Red Braised Pork Belly Luli Song Cook safe Prevents food items from ever burning when they are finished cooking.

Note :This will not affect cooking stations which use a "sear gauge".

Garlic Ginger Noodles Loon Goh Extra time Each time this VIP guest arrives, she gives the player extra time on the countdown clock (by a maximum of 14 seconds each time). 28
Kabsa Sheik Duma Prepmonition Grants the ability to see what food item(s) a guest will order to be prepared before they arrive.

Note : This ability will not predict drink orders.

Ginger Snaps Sandra Flower Morsel Magnet Grants the ability for any food or drink items to fly at the player without having to move. 30
Deconstructed Halwa Erica Nicola Rush Hour Makes guests appear instantly right after a previous guests' seat has been cleared.(Don't have to wait and hope for customers appear decay)' 30

Trivia Edit

- The Cioppino original have an effect which increase the rate of earning Frenzy Meter by 50%, however , in the version 1.1.0 , has been changed to get a filled of Frenzy Meter instead.

- The Red Braised Pork Belly original drop only 15 Fames when serve to Vip guest. However , during version 1.5.4 , it has been change to 26 Fames instead.

- Beef Bourguignon original ability is "Food Thermometer", which is make player cooks food Instantly / perfectly in Cooking sear gauge station.