Blue Nile Vegetarian Bistro is the 17th restaurant in the game. Blue Nile Vegetarian Bistro unlocks at XP level 37.

Game Difficulty and Tips Edit

Difficult : # # # # # (Advanced)

  • Have 5 Cooking stations (Boiling, Grill,Wot Stew, Steamer, Blender)
  • Have a Seasoning Gauge Station
  • Drinking have a process/action to make
  • No Warming Station

This restaurant uses vegetables as their ingredients in most of their dishes.

Unlike the other restaurants, this restaurant's gameplay has some new cooking stations. One of which is the Wot Stew Station, the main cooking station in the restaurant.

In Wot Stew Station, the player needs to add Onion first after he or she finishes cooking. The player will then have to add the second ingredient on top of it. This cooking station takes a long process and may end up losing a lot of time if the player is not managing things well.

In Blender , it is the same as Combo Station in the other restaurants, the player needs to put 2 ingredients on it in order for it to function and mix food.

Tips: Edit

  • Player can put the Onion on Wot Stew Station early so he or she can prepare the dish quickly, saving some time, giving the fact that the Wot Stew Station fortunately doesn't overcook food.
  • Since Onion's a main ingredient for making most of the food, player may upgrade Onion for a greater amount of coins he or she can get and an increased chance of getting 5 stars.
  • Upgrading the Wot Stew Station from at least Level 4 up to maximum levels is recommended.
  • Since most of the food in the menu will be pass through the Seasoning Gauge Station, using the prep dish "Acquacotta" will be very useful in this restaurant.

Trivia Edit

  • Back in a gameversion 2.4.6, This restaurant does't have an intense theme, only play a normal theme when plays in final episode of season, Chef Duels.
    • But after version 2.5.3, a game have been add intense theme for this restaurant.