Big Bay Burgers Season 2 Episode 8 is the eighteenth episode of Big Bay Burgers. Carpet is introduced in this episode. Finishing this episode unlocks the Appliance Upgrades: Auto Chef Nelly Panina and Auto Chef Mystery Box. The Mystery Box costs 6 Gold each for a chance at the jackpot of Nelly Panina. It contains gold x8, 10, 20, coins x1500, 4000, supplies x40, 75, fame x50, Big Laguna Burger x2, 3, Colossal Calzone x2, tomato x4, garlic x3, onion x3, Common Ticket x3, Uncommon Ticket x2, Rare Ticket x1, and Epic Ticket x1

Tutorial monologue Edit

Gordon: "This customer is ordering an entrée AND side dish COMBO. Let's make the entrée first."

Gordon: "Grab some TURKEY!"

Gordon: "Put it on BREAD!"

Gordon: "Go ahead and serve that partial order now!"

Gordon: "Remember, you can serve sides and entrees independently. And don't forget the rest of their order!"

Meals and products Edit

The products of this level are:

The meals of this level are:

Kitchen equipment Edit