Big Bay Burgers Season 2 Episode 5 is the fifteenth episode of Big Bay Burgers. Potato, Chopping Block, and Fries are introduced in this episode. Finishing this episode unlocks the Appliance Upgrades: Chopping Block and Chopped Storage, the Food Upgrade: Potato, and the Décor Upgrades: Counter, Wall Art, and Art Sculpture in the shop.

Prologue Edit

Gordon: "This episode, our Chef tries this new item on the menu. Let's check it out."

Gordon: "Now, let's try the café and pub favourite."

Tutorial monologue Edit

Gordon: "This customer wants: Fries!"

Gordon: "Grab a POTATO!"

Gordon: "Start chopping!"

Gordon: "Grab it!"

Gordon: "Start frying!"

Gordon: "Grab it!"

Gordon: "Serve!"

Meals and products Edit

The products of this level are:

The meals of this level are:

Kitchen equipment Edit