Big Bay Burgers Season 2 Episode 10 is the twentieth episode of Big Bay Burgers. If you didn't buy Auto Chef Nelly Panina, there is a free auto chef trial. Finishing this episode unlocks the Décor Upgrades: Tables and Tables Centerpiece in the shop.

Tutorial monologue Edit

Gordon: "World class SOUS-CHEFS make a tremendous difference! Meet Nelly Panina!"

Gordon: "Nelly Panina will be your Sous-Chef for this episode to help with food preparation!"

Epilogue Edit

Gordon: "Our rising star chef did a nice job with this season. Really pulled it off."

Gordon: "Next season, the going only gets tougher. Join us then as our chef expands the menu."

Meals and products Edit

The products of this level are:

The meals of this level are:

Kitchen equipment Edit