Big Bay Burgers Season 1 Episode 7 is the seventh episode of Big Bay Burgers. Frenzy points and Supergordon are introduced in this episode. Action queue bonus, Multipickup bonus, Multiserve bonus, and Swipe bonus give frenzy points.

Tutorial monologue Edit

Gordon: "Let's wait for these two customers to order..."

Gordon: "Check this out! Pick up TWO bits of turkey..."

Gordon: "And the second...quickly!"

Gordon: "Now do two actions in a row again, this time with the Bread!"

Gordon: "And the other one...QUICK now"

Gordon: "See you just got FRENZY points! Now serve both customers....."

Gordon: "And the second one..."

Gordon: "Clever actions like SWIPING the counter to COLLECT MULTIPLE TIPS gets you FRENZY POINTS. Try it now!"

Gordon: "It's that easy! SWIPING, MULTI-PICKUPS of dishes, MULTI-DELIVERY of dishes, and more gives you FRENZY POINTS!"

Gordon: "Earn enough FRENZY POINTS to fill the METER..."

Gordon: "And I turn into SUPERGORDON!"

Gordon: "Tap me and I will prep, cook, and serve everyone in the restaurant! TAP ME!"

Gordon: "Wasn't that crazy? Keep earning FRENZY POINTS so SUPERGORDON can help you serve customers!

Meals and products Edit

The products of this level are:

The meals of this level are:

Kitchen equipment Edit