Big Bay Burgers Season 1 Episode 2 is the second episode of Big Bay Burgers. Buns and Burger are introduced in this episode. Finishing this episode unlocks the shop where you can upgrade your restaurant and earn more profits! In the shop, only the Appliance Upgrades: Grill and Grill Storage are unlocked.

Prologue Edit

Gordon: "Here we are in beautiful San Francisco, USA. Our documentary series begins with a charming café whose owner is a RISING STAR CHEF..."

Tutorial Monologue Edit

Gordon: "The customer wants: Burger!"

Gordon: "Grab some BEEF!"

Gordon: "Start grilling!"

Gordon: "Grab it!"

Gordon: "Put it in a BUN!"

Gordon: "Serve!"

Gordon: "That's it! Now make more burgers and serve your customers!"

Meals and products Edit

The products of this level are:

The only meal of this level is:

Kitchen equipment Edit