Big Bay Burgers Season 1 Episode 1 is the first episode of Big Bay Burgers and the first episode of the game. Beef, Grill, and Paleo Burger are introduced in this episode.

Tutorial monologue Edit

Gordon: "Right! Welcome back, everyone! Today, we're going to make a simple burger."

Gordon: "Get some ground chuck."

Gordon: "Now, grill it up."

Gordon: "Take it off the heat..."

Gordon: "Now, serve it to your customer. We'll have to do that one more time for the next customer."

Gordon: "All right, now collect their payment. It's the bill plus a tip!"

Gordon: "Once again, grab some chuck."

Gordon: "Grill the patty beautifully."

Gordon: "Now get the patty."

Gordon: "...serve."

Gordon: "And collect their payment."

Gordon: "Done. A simple, stunning, well-grilled burger. Delicious."

Episode epilogue Edit

Gordon: "See you next time on RISING STAR CHEFS, as I help guide this up-and-coming chef to restaurant success."

Meals and products Edit

The only product of this level is:

The only meal of this level is:

Kitchen equipment Edit